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2014 Recipient: M&H Livestock

  Gregory has upgraded his corral/chute working facility, significantly improving cattle handling at the farm. He has purchased and installed commercial quality heavy duty chutes, panels and cages as well as improving the ground base with gravel so that cattle … View >>

2014 Recipient: Bingham Farm

Jeff is improving his cattle working facilities, housed in a converted tobacco barn, by adding a scale, sorting pens, electrical power and an upgraded chute system. He is also creating an on-farm shop to sell freezer beef and other products … View >>

2013 Recipient: Coffey’s Orchard

  Nancy is upgrading the basement of her apple storage building to provide a cool space for the apples, increasing their longevity. She is also creating a permanent display area to enhance the experience for participants of large tours. The … View >>

2013 Recipient: Tester Dairy Farm

Thomas and Margaret Tester and Jessica Lawrence, Tester Dairy Farm Hydroponic Fodder System Grant Award: $6,000 Tester Dairy Farm in Watauga County is creating a hydroponic fodder system, which grows barley, rye and wheat from seed to sprouts in eight … View >>

2012 Recipient: GOat GREEN farm

Ryan Norris, GOat GREEN Farm Goat Leasing and Meat Grant Award: $6,000 Ryan is establishing permanent fencing at his farm, where he raises meat goats that are rented to landowners to control unwanted brush. The additional eight acres for grazing … View >>

2011 Recipient: Todd Nolt

Todd Nolt Sunny Side Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Fall Bearing Raspberries Todd is establishing a small scale, fall bearing, raspberry crop, focusing on growing four different varieties that have demonstrated strong performance in taste, appearance, post harvest integrity, and … View >>

2011 Recipient: Ryan Norris

Ryan Norris GOat GREEN Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Goat Land Clearing Ryan is leasing out his meat goats to land owners as a means of clearing invasive plants such as oriental bittersweet, multiflora rose and kudzu as an alternative … View >>

2011 Recipient: Jill Warwick Nicklaw

Jill Warwick Nicklaw Sunshine Cove Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Microgreen Production Jill is building a greenhouse for her microgreen operation to accommodate the market demand. She is also expanding to include pea shoots, basil mixes, and petite fava shoots. … View >>

2011 Recipient: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Hattie Hill Vineyard Grant Award: $3,000 — Harvesting Equipment Robert is purchasing harvesting equipment that will greatly increase the efficiency of harvesting and transporting grapes. The equipment will be shared with up to 20 farmers in his region. … View >>

2011 Recipient: Charles Church

Charles Church Watauga River Farms Grant Award: $3,000 — Vegetable Expansion Charles is improving his mixed vegetable operation with a new well, drip irrigation system and plastic mulch. By using plastic, he is saving labor with weed reduction. He currently … View >>

2010 Recipient: Danny Miller

Danny Miller Choose and Cut Grant Award: $6,000 Danny and his family are opening a choose-and-cut operation this year to sell trees that they started planting in 2004. They are building a wooden farm building for use as a gift … View >>

2010 Recipient: David Tucker

David Tucker New River Corn Maze & Dark Mountain Choose & Cut Grant Award: $6,000 David is converting five acres of hay land into a corn maze and one acre into a pick-your-own pumpkin and ornamental gourds patch. He is … View >>

2009 Recipient: Ernie Dollar

Ernie Dollar Organic Greenhouse Vegetables – Grant Award: $6,000 Ernie raised tobacco, beef cattle and hay from 1983 to 2008. With his award, he will set up a cold frame to grow and sell organic produce locally, a need in … View >>