Linda and Perry Carringer, Mountain Cheesery at Town Mountain Farm

Milking Room
Grant Award: $6,000

The Carringers have completed the construction of a new, larger milking room to help expand their artisan cheese business. Mountain Cheesery recently invested about $65,000 in constructing a cheese room and creamery.

The farm’s previous12-foot by 12-foot milking room only accommodates two of their 26 milk goats at once. With the addition of the new 12-foot by 24-foot milking room, Linda can now milk five goats at once, more than doubling what she she was able to do before. The new, 35-pound milking system also increases her efficiency, eliminating the need to empty the milk container during the milking process.

The Carringers are currently selling products through Linda’s salon as well as through a local butcher. She also sells at festivals and local farmers markets. Demand for her cheese is strong and she regularly sells out of her product.

Clay County

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