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2022 Program

View the 2022 recipients. Mission of WNC AgOptions: Building sustainable farming communities in our mountain region by providing resources directly to farmers who are diversifying or expanding their operations. The ultimate goal of WNC AgOptions is to protect mountain farmland … View >>

2022 Topics

In February 2022 the WNC Agricultural Options program awarded 41 farm businesses a total of $320,000 in grants to assist in farm diversification and expansion. Two of the farm businesses received $4,000 and 39 received $8,000. The N.C. Tobacco Trust … View >>

2022 Counties

  Click any county for details, or use these links: Avery (3) :: Buncombe (8) :: Burke (1) :: Caldwell (1) Cleveland (1) :: Graham (1) :: Haywood (3) :: Henderson (3) Jackson (1) :: Macon (2) :: Madison (4) … View >>

2022 County: Avery

– Cartner Christmas Trees, Samuel Cartner, Cartner’s Wild-Simulated Medicinal Ginseng Production Test
– Ollis Farms, Elaine Ollis, Feedlot Facility
– Stines Farm, Justin Stines, Improvements to Cattle Handling Facility … View >>

2022 County: Buncombe

– The Never Ending Flower Farm, Loretta Ball, Bathroom and Farm Store
– Mountain Meadows Nursery, Michael Balogh, Nursery Expansion
– Black Trumpet Farm, Gwendolyn Casebeer, Mushroom Production
– Flourish Flower Farm, Nicolette Irving, Farm Stand
– Burley Stick Farm, Morgan Metcalf, Walk-In Freezer and Packing Facility
– Blazing Star Flowers, Suzanne Nolter, Multi-Use Canopy Structure
– Pinnacle View Farm, Andrew Rogers, Fence Line Feeding System
– Hawks Next Farm, Gerald Strickland, Cattle Handling Equipment … View >>

2022 County: Haywood

– Two Trees Farm/Sustainabillies LLC, Sara Martin and Dustin Cornelison, Welcoming Back the Public to Two Trees Farm
– Cold Mountain Angus Beef, Lucas Sorrells, Portable Chute and Working Facility
– Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa, Catherine Topel, Mobile Food Unit Trailer … View >>

2022 County: Henderson

– Raspberry Fields, Stacy Fields, Kitchen
– Jeter Mountain Farm LLC, Tyler Hunsader, Canner for Hard/Carbonated Cider Operation
– Bee-utiful Farm and Garden, Gary and Abigail Steiner, Greenhouse Upgrade and Expansion … View >>

2022 County: Macon

– Deal Family Farm, Charles “Butch” and Pat Deal, High Pressure Boom-Type Sprayer for Vegetables & Fruit
– Great Blue Farms, LLC, Regina McCord, Seed to Bloom to Bouquet … View >>

2022 County: Madison

– Greenshine Farms, Rand Gifford, Operation 10x
– Our Friendly Allies, Kelsey Green, The Processing Facility Project
– Blue Winter Farm, Sharon Marler and Christopher Scott Brazil, Farm Diversification and Upgrades
– The Farm Connection, LLC, Alyson Wade, Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Gardens, Video Marketing, and Risk Mitigation … View >>