Jeffery Dixon MacBeth, Bingham Farm

Cattle Facility Improvements and Meat Storage
Grant Award: $6,000

Jeff is improving his cattle working facilities, housed in a converted tobacco barn, by adding a scale, sorting pens, electrical power and an upgraded chute system. He is also creating an on-farm shop to sell freezer beef and other products such as cage-free eggs. He intends to eventually offer an assortment of products supplied by his and other farms in the area.

The scale allows for him to better track the animals’ weight so that he can deliver correct dosages of vaccinations and dewormers. He is staying true to Beef Quality Assurance standards while also increasing efficiency and hence profitability. The weight data also helps in figuring body conditioning score and determining the correct time to breed.

The new equipment also creates a low stress environment while working the cattle. “My main goal when I work the cows is low stress for them and for me,” Jeff said.

Jeff’s great-grandfather bought the land that he farms in the 1800s. “It represents to me over one hundred years of hard work and stewardship by my family,” he said.


Watauga County

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