Nancy Coffey Moretz, Coffey’s Orchard at Coffey Grounds

Increased Sustainability Using Improved Storage and Marketing Space
Grant Award: $6,000


Nancy is upgrading the basement of her apple storage building to provide a cool space for the apples, increasing their longevity. She is also creating a permanent display area to enhance the experience for participants of large tours. The apple house has an antique grader and is one of the main sites for tours.

“Having a place where apples can be put in place and not have to be moved around will cut down on the amount of time and effort we spend getting apples where they need to be for best sale opportunities,” Nancy said.

Coffey’s Orchard has semi-dwarf and dwarf apple trees, which start producing sooner in their life spans, require less time pruning, spraying and picking, and require less land than full-size trees.

Watauga County

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