Ryan Norris, GOat GREEN Farm

Goat Leasing and Meat
Grant Award: $6,000

Ryan is establishing permanent fencing at his farm, where he raises meat goats that are rented to landowners to control unwanted brush. The additional eight acres for grazing provides goats with a healthier supply of forage.

Rotational grazing will be implemented, increasing health, size and sustainability of the herd. Ryan can produce top quality goat meat as pasture rotation allows for excellent parasite control.

He can also complete more leasing jobs and increase the efficiency of the business. Instead of using 10 goats over a two-week period to clear an acre, he can put 50 goats on the land for two days. Ryan can complete two jobs at once instead of two per month as well as reach out to customers who prefer not to have goats on their land for two weeks.

Project expenses also include minor improvements to an existing storage building and a new freezer. Ryan will market the meat directly to consumers and to a natural foods market.

See goatgreenfarm.com or the farm’s Facebook page.

Watauga County

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