Travis Watkins, Watkins Farm

Goat Project
Grant Award: $6,000

The purchase of a creep feeder, Goat Gofer transport unit, 2-ton feed bin, tilt table, 55-gallon herbicide sprayer and mineral-feeding equipment has allowed Travis to expand the size of the goat herd (48 goats in 2020) on his family farm while increasing the efficiency of his operation.

With the new feed bin, Travis has seen upwards of 20% savings on goat feed expenses by buying in bulk. The sprayer and tilt table has helped him enlarge the size of his herd while reducing hired labor costs associated with spraying his fields and tending to his goats’ worming, foot-trimming and other tasks. He sells his livestock (including cattle and goats) both from his farm and at stockyards, although in 2020, he sold 100% of his animals from the farm.

Jackson County

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