Rodney and Lynn Willis, Willis Farms

2 Row Vacuum Planter
Grant Award: $8,000

Rodney and Lynn produce sorghum syrup, cornmeal, and grits from crops they grow on their farm. For planting, the equipment they currently use is a modified 3-point hitch converted horse-drawn planter.

This planter’s plate and cell system makes it difficult to maintain proper spacing and results in much skipped planting, resulting in reduced yields. The AgOptions grant will fund a new two-row vacuumed seed planter which works well with small seeds where variation in seed size has little influence on planter function.

The new planter will offer more accurate plant spacing and consistent placement of seed and will help Willis Farms meet production goals. Rodney estimates he will increase farm income by 25% with reliable crop emergence and crop yield. 


Cleveland County

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