Charles King, SKYe2 Farm

Electricity to Drying Container and Greenhouse
Grant Award: $6,000

To help meet growing demand for its high revenue-producing dried hemp, garlic, herbs, mushrooms, hops and seed, and to increase production of cut flowers and vegetable crops, SKYe2 Farm installed new electrical infrastructure as recommended by Mountain Electric Co. to power a drying shed, greenhouse and other farm locations.

The drying shed is a 20-foot storage container customized with an exhaust fan, door vents and a dehumidifier. The electricity to the greenhouse will power fans, insect screens and roof vents to control moisture and other growing conditions allowing for expanded propagation of crops.

Customers include Fonta Flora Brewery, High Country Food Hub, Asheville Tea Co. and The Produce Box grocery delivery service as well as local wineries and restaurants.


Avery County

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