Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2004 Farm: Nathaniel Darnell

  Nathaniel has expanded the production of his delicious mountain sweet onions in addition to spending time advertising the unique taste of the sweet onion. Expected income from 100,000 pounds of mountain sweet onions; $40,000. Nathaniel Darnell is working with … View >>

2004 Farm: Rhonda Fox

  Rhonda is transitioning a one acre of tobacco field into a pick-your-own blueberry business. The grant will also assist the family in updating the greenhouse for a variety of garden vegetables. The income from the greenhouse sales will help … View >>

2004 Farm: Richard Reece

  Richard Reece is a full time farmer who has grown tobacco for several years. Richard is looking at increasing his income but shifting to heirloom tomato production in next year. He would like to transition completely out of tobacco … View >>

2004 Farm: Robert Pierce

  Rob came to us with the proposal to utilize a two-acre parcel of land that is potentially suitable for organic vegetables. Rob’s goal was to eliminate conventional tillage and erosion, reduce undesirable chemical residue and run-off, and raise produce … View >>