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2012 Recipient: Sunburst Trout Farms

Sally Eason, Sunburst Trout Farms Water Quality Improvements for Increased Production of Rainbow Trout Grant Award: $6,000 Sunburst Trout Farms is improving the water quality of rainbow trout ponds with the purchase of an ozone generator, resulting in increased production … View >>

2005 Farm: Michael Garland

  Michael Garland has raised tobacco for 18 years along with goats and small fruits. Mr. Garland’s goal is to convert his farm into a family-owned and operated campground. After the tobacco buy-out in 2004, the Garlands are transitioning their … View >>

2004 Farm: Alex and Nicole Dension

  Looking to expand apart from the individual and wholesale markets, agritoursim seemed the next logical step for the Denison’s trout farm. Having been asked repeatedly if they allow “fish-out” or for tours by both community members and the occasional … View >>

2004 Farm: Harold Jenkins

  Harold Jenkins was in burley tobacco for years. In an effort to diversify his income and get out of tobacco, Harold applied for this grant and used those funds to put in a stock trout pond. Grant monies assisted … View >>

2004 Farm: Falls Creek Trout Farm

  Ken Wilson decided to take a risk and leased an existing trout operation. Ken had an interest in trout farming and decided to take this opportunity when it presented itself. Since opening, Falls Creek Trout Farm has supplied trout … View >>

2004 Farm: Matt Rhea

  M. Rhea and his wife Tracey have worked with their local Cooperative Extension agent Skip Thompson to increase production and processing capacities of their trout farm. To increase revenue on the farm, Matt will use the grant money to … View >>