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2005 Farm: Pete Dixon

  Pete Dixon has been a full time farmer for 12 years. He and his family have a diverse mix of vegetables and berries that they sell at tailgate markets. Mr. Dixon is a progressive problem solver who has researched … View >>

2005 Farm: Richard Reece

  Richard Reece is a full time farmer who grew up raising tobacco and cattle. Richard is raising high quality heirloom tomatoes along with his commercial tomato production to diversify his income and support local markets. With support from the … View >>

2004 Farm: Billy Bryant

  B. Bryant has grown approximately eight and half acres of tobacco for the past 7 years. Due to the declining demand of burley tobacco Bill Bryant is transitioning one acre of his land into commercial tomato production. Bryant will … View >>

2004 Farm: Happy Valley Farms

  Doyle and Janet have recently started a new business Happy Valley Farms where they specialize in hot-house tomatoes production. The income from the tomatoes sales when supply is normally low will help keep this family economically viable in the … View >>

2004 Farm: Richard Reece

  Richard Reece is a full time farmer who has grown tobacco for several years. Richard is looking at increasing his income but shifting to heirloom tomato production in next year. He would like to transition completely out of tobacco … View >>