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2013 Recipient: Woody Farms

Neal Woody, Woody Farms Packing and Grading Facility Grant Award: $6,000 Neal is building an on-farm packing facility and adding a well to improve the washing and grading system at his Leicester farm. This centralized grading shed reduces labor costs … View >>

2013 Recipient: Cove Creek Nursery

Alvin Lytle, Cove Creek Nursery Expansion/Diversification to Grow Grain and Vegetables Grant Award: $6,000 Alvin is diversifying his farm, which is currently a tree, shrub and vine nursery, to include the production of chemical-free produce and grain, flour and meal. … View >>

2013 Recipient: Whitson Farms

Gerald C. Whitson, Whitson Farms Cold Storage Grant Award: $3,000 Gerald is adding a cold storage unit for his potato crop, decreasing the amount of fuel and transport time as well as overall hours required to process the product. The … View >>

2012 Recipient: Mt. Mitchell Produce

Traci McMahan Mt. Mitchell Produce Grant Award: $6,000—Portable Cooling Unit Traci is improving delivery capabilities of Mt. Mitchell Produce to expand sales to Ingles Markets, the farm’s primary customer. With the purchase of a 16-foot long cargo transporter utility trailer … View >>

2012 Recipient: Ellis Farms

Eric Ellis, Ellis Farms Farms, Food and Community (Direct Produce Sales) Grant Award: $6,000 Eric is establishing a distribution system to provide a weekly box of 25 pounds of produce to at least 30 members a week, and he expects … View >>

2011 Recipient: Ray Chambers

Ray Chambers Ray Chambers Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Refrigeration Transportation Ray is increasing sales to farmers markets within 200 miles from his farm. With the purchase of a refrigerated box truck, he can transport his produce as soon as … View >>

2011 Recipient: Rick and Karen Jordan

Rick and Karen Jordan Deerwood Nursery and Farms Grant Award: $3,000 — Produce and Poultry Cooler The Jordans are diversifying their nursery operations to include vegetable and poultry ventures. The addition of a walk-in cooler allows them to further expand … View >>

2011 Recipient: Billy Bryant

Billy Bryant Bryant Farms Grant Award: $6,000 – Produce Expansion Billy anticipates diversifying his tobacco and tomato operation with a variety of produce in future years. The first step is to acquire his own drip irrigation system and plastic laying … View >>

2011 Recipient: Ryan Wiebe

Ryan Wiebe Wiebe Farmin’ Grant Award: $3,000 – Well Establishment, Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Ryan is expanding his current operation with the addition of a complete farm irrigation system setup, allowing him to make the most of his four acres … View >>

2010 Recipient: Marshall Bailey

Marshall Bailey On-Farm Store; Lumber Grant Award: $6,000 Marshall passed away during the grant cycle and was unable to complete the project. Marshall was establishing an On-Farm Store in Barnardsville featuring grass-fed beef, pork, produce and other farm products from … View >>

2005 Farm: Burson’s Corner Farm

  Burson’s Corner Farm is owned and operated by Scott and Colleen Burson. The Burson’s farm serves the Atlanta and Asheville metropolitan areas with organic vegetable starts, flowers, herbs, nursery plants and handmade soaps and lotions. The diversified farm is … View >>

2005 Farm: Fred Woodby

  Fred Woodby is a full time farmer who has grown tobacco for 35 years. Mr. Woodby has a number of diversified projects to generate income on his farm. In 2005 he will be opening a road side stand on … View >>