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2011 Recipient: Leslie Sigmon

Leslie Sigmon Emma Farms Grant Award: $6,000 — Indoor Oyster Mushroom Production Leslie is adding indoor oyster mushroom production to her farm to boost winter and early spring income. She is studying the most effective facilities, substrate and strains to … View >>

2010 Recipient: Paul & Anna Littman

Paul & Anna Littman: Anna & Paul’s Farm Shiitake Mushroom Expansion & Season Extension Grant Award: $6,000 The Littmans are increasing their mushroom production during summer months and extending their production season with the construction of a cold frame. They … View >>

2009 Recipient: Steve Rice

Steve Rice Indoor Mushroom Expansion – Grant Award: $6,000 “This grant has upgraded my operation immediately and showed me that significant income is possible.” ~ Steve Rice Steve grew up sharecropping tobacco and worked in it throughout his life. He … View >>

2009 Recipient: Fred Treadway

Fred Treadway Mushroom Fruiting Hothouse – Grant Award: $3,000 Fred has farmed all his life, and grew tobacco through 2000. At his wife’s family farm, he currently produces one acre of vegetables and one acre of mushrooms, which he transitioned … View >>

2009 Recipient: Rick Harty

Rick Harty Harty Farm Expansion Project – Grant Award: $6,000 “The grant allowed me to expand where otherwise wouldn’t have. We’ve been able to open several more fields.” ~ Rick Harty Rick has been developing his diversified farm since 2005. … View >>

2009 Recipient: Jim Frady

Jim Frady MaiLee’s Mountain Mushroom Expansion – Grant Award: $3,000 “This grant project has been a blessing, not only for me, but also for my kids and my business partners’ kids who have been out here working together as a … View >>

2004 Farm: Candice Rice

C. Rice has been farming for almost 30 years. She raised tobacco, cattle, chicken, turkeys and a variety of vegetables. Candice would like to continue to farm and is looking to diversify farm production. With the help of her extension … View >>