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2015 Recipient: Wehrloom Honey

  Jessica responded to customer demand for value-added products by creating three new product lines: cut-comb honey, spun honey and pollen. She purchased specialized equipment to harvest, process and market these products. Cut-comb honey is a piece of honey filled … View >>

2015 Recipient: Mikell’s Farm

Sharren L. Mikell, Mikell’s Farm Bee Farm Expansion Grant Award: $6,000 Mikell’s Farm has doubled their existing bee yard so that they are now maintaining more than 30 hives, primarily for honey production. They have invested in Varroa Sensitive Hygenic … View >>

2014 Recipient: Blue Ridge Apiaries

Ryan Higgs, Blue Ridge Apiaries Nuc Production Expansion Grant Award: $6,000 Ryan is expanding the production of nucleus colonies, or “nucs,” to supply his own replacement colonies, cut down on swarming, as well as sell surplus nucs to other beekeepers … View >>

2012 Recipient: Axios Farms

Kevin and Shelley King Axios Farms Grant Award: $6,000—Axios Apiary Kevin and Shelley are establishing a full operational apiary and a mobile pollination trailer. They plan to transport bees to farms in the WNC region to help successfully pollinate crops. … View >>

2011 Recipient: Grady Bob Johnson, Jr.

Grady Bob Johnson, Jr. Tucker Hollow Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Berries and Honey Tucker Hollow Farm will expand their existing farm with the addition of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and 20 stands of honeybees to pollinate the berries and their … View >>

2011 Recipient: Jeff Mansker

Jeff Mansker Anderson Creek Apiary Grant Award: $3,000 — Honey House and Extractor Jeff is building a honey room and purchasing an extractor to allow greater production of Premier Sourwood Honey, increase storage space and expand his overall operation. Jeff’s … View >>

2010 Recipient: Jon Christie

Jon Christie Wild Mountain Apiaries Diversification Project Grant Award: $6,000 Jon is producing nucleus honeybee colonies for sale to replace colony losses; trapping, packaging and marketing fresh high quality bee pollen; offering hands-on educational workshops and internships in beekeeping; and … View >>

2010 Recipient: Ray Revis

Ray Revis Russian Honeybees for Beekeepers Grant Award: $6,000 Ray is increasing the production of bees, honey and queens; developing wax products; and working with the USDA-ARS Abee Lab and Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association to improve two genetic lines … View >>

2009 Recipient: Debra Roberts

Debra Roberts Miss Bee Haven’s Ballard Branch Bee Yard – Grant Award: $3,000 Debra is a fourth-year beekeeper, following a non-chemical natural beekeeping approach. With the award, Debra plans to expand her current bee yard from five hives to ten … View >>

2009 Recipient: Rick Harty

Rick Harty Harty Farm Expansion Project – Grant Award: $6,000 “The grant allowed me to expand where otherwise wouldn’t have. We’ve been able to open several more fields.” ~ Rick Harty Rick has been developing his diversified farm since 2005. … View >>

2008 Recipient: Diane Almond

Diane Almond, owner of Honey Bees and Heather in Henderson County, is developing her nursery and apiary into an agri-tourism destination and educational resource for local residents. With the grant, she is increasing the number of bee hives and blueberry … View >>