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2006 Recipient: Laurie Bruce

Livestock Laurie Bruce and her family have started raising Nubian dairy goats in Clay County. The Bruce family will soon be producing fresh dairy products in their cheese-making facility funded in part by the WNC Ag Options Grant.   Clay … View >>

2005 Farm: Carl Patterson

  Carl Patterson and his wife Denise have raised tobacco for 30 years. Mr. Patterson is a full time farmer who is leading alternative enterprise development in our region. He is in his second year of investing in the start … View >>

2005 Farm: Thomas Ruff

  Thomas Ruff and his wife Jamie have raised tobacco to support their family and pay for the family farm. This young family is working to transition from the lose of tobacco income by planting vegetables and small fruit trees … View >>

2004 Farm: Carl Patterson

  Carl is a full-time farmer who ordinarily raises produce to sell locally, tends bee-hives for honey, and since 1974, still farms burley tobacco. Searching for more stable commodities, Carl used his grant to assist in extensive field renovation and … View >>