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2018 Recipient: Green Dragon Ginseng

Todd Combs, Green Dragon Ginseng Ginseng Seed Production Grant Award: $6,000 To meet demand for ginseng seed for commercial-scale planting, Todd is augmenting his current ginseng production with seed production and harvest to establish the first viable North Carolina seed … View >>

2016 Recipient: High Country Ginseng

Travis Cornett, High Country Ginseng Continuing Processing and Storage Facility Grant Award: $6,000 Travis has built a drying system and storage area to complete a processing facility for High Country Ginseng that he constructed with the help of a 2015 … View >>

2016 Recipient: Todd Combs

Todd Combs Green Dragon Ginseng Farm Grant Award: $6,000 Todd is growing a trial acre of organic ginseng, testing out a new organic product, Root Shield, which contains a beneficial fungus that eats problematic fungus. Typically ginseng growers need to … View >>

2015 Recipient: Hoopers Creek Botanicals

Wallace E. Souther III, Hoopers Creek Botanicals Plants Production Upgrade Grant Award: $6,000 Wallace has boosted Hoopers Creek Botanicals’ production capacity by securing a dependable water source and planting more seeds and transplants. A large expense of the project was … View >>

2015 Recipient: High Country Ginseng

  Travis is increasing the production capacity of ginseng and overall efficiency of his operation with the construction of a drying, cooling and storage facility. Without adequate space, he is unable to fill all the orders for seeds, rootlets and … View >>