Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2015 Recipient: Ten Acre Garden

Danny Barrett, Ten Acre Garden Pick-Your-Own Berry Expansion Grant Award: $6,000 Danny has added pick-your-own raspberry and strawberry plants to his existing 10-acre vegetable and fruit farm. He aims to create a unique agri-tourism experience for his customers. “Ideally, each … View >>

2014 Recipient: Trout Lily Farm

  Phillip is adding a multi-functional processing house that serves as a centerpiece to the farm and is leading to increased product diversity and revenue. The building (under construction) will provide space for processing and storing medicinal herbs, fresh produce, … View >>

2013 Recipient: MiLo Acres

Lori and Michael Osada, MiLo Acres Walk-in Cooler Grant Award: $3,000 The Osadas are adding an on-site walk-in cooler to store their naturally certified produce, fruit and eggs and extend shelf life. They are able to harvest and store more … View >>

2011 Recipient: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Hattie Hill Vineyard Grant Award: $3,000 — Harvesting Equipment Robert is purchasing harvesting equipment that will greatly increase the efficiency of harvesting and transporting grapes. The equipment will be shared with up to 20 farmers in his region. … View >>

2009 Recipient: Ellis & Barbara Aycock

Ellis & Barbara Aycock, Sundance Farm Groundbreaking Organic Farming – Grant Award: $6,000 The Aycocks are semi-retired from off-farm work, and have raised livestock since 1987 and fruits and vegetables since 2006. They are one of very few commercial organic … View >>

2009 Recipient: Stoney Hollow Farms

Scott Boxberger, Stoney Hollow Farms & Stephanie Loafman, Five Sisters Stoney Hollow Farm Kitchen – Grant Award: $6,000 “The kitchen has increased farm income, and it makes a better use of the crop. There’s no waste.” ~ Stephanie Loafman “We … View >>

2008 Recipient: Diane Almond

Diane Almond, owner of Honey Bees and Heather in Henderson County, is developing her nursery and apiary into an agri-tourism destination and educational resource for local residents. With the grant, she is increasing the number of bee hives and blueberry … View >>

2008 Recipient: Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca Daniels lives on her Avery County family farm, a third-generation fraser fir and sheep farm. She is working with her son, Logan Burleson, 16, to establish a greenhouse operation, primarily for rooted wine grape cuttings. They plan to sell … View >>

2005 Farm: Owen Spry

  Owen Spry has raised tobacco twenty-six years in addition to raising cattle, Christmas trees and hay. In order to diversify his farm income Mr. Spry has planted small fruits and vegetables to sell along the major highway that runs … View >>

2005 Farm: Thomas Ruff

  Thomas Ruff and his wife Jamie have raised tobacco to support their family and pay for the family farm. This young family is working to transition from the lose of tobacco income by planting vegetables and small fruit trees … View >>

2004 Farm: Danny McConnell

  The McConnell farm was started in the 1940’s and has raised tobacco, beef cattle, diary cattle, and apples. Now with the decline of farm income the McConnell farm is creating an agri-tourism farm. The farm sells both fruits and … View >>

2004 Farm: Robert Pierce

  Rob came to us with the proposal to utilize a two-acre parcel of land that is potentially suitable for organic vegetables. Rob’s goal was to eliminate conventional tillage and erosion, reduce undesirable chemical residue and run-off, and raise produce … View >>