Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2004 Farm: Harold Jenkins

  Harold Jenkins was in burley tobacco for years. In an effort to diversify his income and get out of tobacco, Harold applied for this grant and used those funds to put in a stock trout pond. Grant monies assisted … View >>

2004 Farm: Shared Blessings

J. Hooper and C. Rector are looking ahead to create supplemental income for their farm. They have created a long range plan including crop production and marketing ideas. Jackie and Charlene used their grant money to cover costs for seedlings, … View >>

2004 Farm: Qualla Berry Farms

  Karen and John are planning to expand their farm operation by producing value-added raspberry products, medicinal herbs and farm garden beauty products. Qualla Berry Farms is also open to the public for tours by appointment only. Expected income totals … View >>

2004 Farm: John Jenkins

  After spending most of his life farming tobacco, John Jenkins is ready to “plow new fields.” With help from his county extension agent and this grant, John is looking to break into the organic and native plants market by … View >>

2004 Farm: Josh Sorrells

  J. Sorrels’ family farm has grown tobacco for 7 years. Josh has his own business (Cold Mountain Nursery) to transition into the future of agriculture. Expected income from this project is $13,750 in the next two years. Josh Sorrells … View >>

2004 Farm: Karen Wilson

  Karen had raised livestock and produce for the last decade. To diversify her income, Karen is working at establishing herb and flower gardens to harvest for retail sales. This grant allowed Karen to make raised beds and amend the … View >>

2004 Farm: Falls Creek Trout Farm

  Ken Wilson decided to take a risk and leased an existing trout operation. Ken had an interest in trout farming and decided to take this opportunity when it presented itself. Since opening, Falls Creek Trout Farm has supplied trout … View >>

2004 Farm: Nathaniel Maram

  Nathaniel and his wife moved to Watauga County in 1998. They are interested in diversifying the production of their farm and exploring agritourism through their contacts in the Choose-N-Cut industry. The Maram’s plan is to propagate seeds of native … View >>

2004 Farm: Rhonda Fox

  Rhonda is transitioning a one acre of tobacco field into a pick-your-own blueberry business. The grant will also assist the family in updating the greenhouse for a variety of garden vegetables. The income from the greenhouse sales will help … View >>

2004 Farm: Richard Reece

  Richard Reece is a full time farmer who has grown tobacco for several years. Richard is looking at increasing his income but shifting to heirloom tomato production in next year. He would like to transition completely out of tobacco … View >>

2004 Farm: Ronnie Sparks

  R. Sparks has grown tobacco since 1965 but with the decline in income he is looking to diversity into nursery plant production. Ronnie used his grant money to transition one acre of tobacco into one acre of boxwoods starters. … View >>

2004 Farm: Terry Banks

  Terry Banks has been farming for over 30 years. He raised 70 acres of tobacco in the 70’s and 80’s to replace dairy income. Now Terry is experiencing another shift in market demands and is looking to reduce tobacco … View >>

2004 Farm: Waightstill Avery

  W. Avery owns a large Christmas tree farm that offers choose and cut from November to January. With the help of their local extension agent, W. Avery’s family will create a 3-4 acre corn maze marketed at new and … View >>

2004 Farm: Wayne Uffleman

  W. Uffelman is a full time farmer at Blue Hill Farm. His primary crop has been tobacco, but he has transitioned into vegetable and egg production. Wayne would like to continue to farm for a living and is looking … View >>