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2019 Recipient: Highgate Farm

Melissa Harwin, Highgate Farm Post Harvest Cure and Store Facility Grant Award: $6,000 With the construction of two 8′ x 8′ climate controlled on-site cure and storage buildings, Highgate Farms expects to reduce post-harvest product losses by up to 25%. … View >>

2019 Recipient: Trebuchet Hill

Julia and John McIntyre, Trebuchet Hill Cucumber Beetle Suppression with Alternative Row Cover and Introduced Pollinators Grant Award: $6,000 Trecuchet Hill has been producing small batch organic artisanal pickles since 2016. Because of their popularity and demand, plans are to … View >>

2010 Recipient: Ronnie and Kathy James

Ronnie and Kathy James PolyPlanter Seeder Grant Award: $9,000 Ronnie is purchasing a polyplanter seeder for his cucumber operation, which will allow him to plant seeds into fields covered with plastic mulch and save time usually spent hand-planting. Without the … View >>