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2011 Recipient: Steve and Terry King

Steve and Terry King King Harvest Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Raspberry and Vegetable Expansion The Kings are diversifying their operation away from total reliance on landscaping and ornamentals into the full-scale commercial production of fruits and vegetables. They are … View >>

2011 Recipient: Frank Teneralli

Frank Teneralli Let It Grow Organic Gardens Grant Award: $3,000 — Blackberry Production to Diversify Farm Income Frank is adding a half an acre of blackberries to his vegetable and landscaping plants operation. In between the rows, he is planting … View >>

2011 Recipient: Todd Nolt

Todd Nolt Sunny Side Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Fall Bearing Raspberries Todd is establishing a small scale, fall bearing, raspberry crop, focusing on growing four different varieties that have demonstrated strong performance in taste, appearance, post harvest integrity, and … View >>

2010 Recipient: Kaleb Rathbone

Kaleb Rathbone Value-Added Options through Frozen Strawberries and Direct Marketing Beef Grant Award: $6,000 Kaleb is increasing sales of strawberries and beef through direct marketing. He is purchasing packaging equipment and a commercial freezer, which allows him to market products … View >>

2010 Recipient: Danny & Kathryn McConnell

Danny & Kathryn McConnell: McConnell Farms, Inc. Strawberry Disease Management with 21st Century Greenhouse Design Grant Award: $6,000 The McConnells are building a specialty screened greenhouse that allows for second generation and virtually disease-free plants to be supplied to commercial … View >>

2009 Recipient: Van Burnette

Van Burnette Hop and Blueberry Production – Grant Award: $6,000 “Just applying for the grant was the best thing I could have done. I learned so much — the cost, the activities, just narrowing what I wanted to do with … View >>

2009 Recipient: Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes Parking, Irrigation, Storage Building & Plasticulture Improvements – Grant Award: $6,000 Tim has 4.5 acres of U-Pick berries, greasy beans and corn, which he established in 1986. With his award, he will expand and improve the parking area … View >>

2009 Recipient: Jeremy McCurry

Drip Irrigation for Strawberries – Grant Award: $3,000 “Because of the grant, I was able to buy this irrigation system — I couldn’t get started with out it. My plants died due to the late frost this year, and since … View >>

2008 Recipient: Chad Calhoun

With the help of the grant, Chad Calhoun of Mitchell County is encouraging his family’s multi-generational tradition of farming to continue. He is establishing a U-Pick strawberry operation with the assistance of his two daughters, since they are interested in … View >>