Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2009 Recipient: Rick Harty

Rick Harty Harty Farm Expansion Project – Grant Award: $6,000 “The grant allowed me to expand where otherwise wouldn’t have. We’ve been able to open several more fields.” ~ Rick Harty Rick has been developing his diversified farm since 2005. … View >>

2009 Recipient: Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes Parking, Irrigation, Storage Building & Plasticulture Improvements – Grant Award: $6,000 Tim has 4.5 acres of U-Pick berries, greasy beans and corn, which he established in 1986. With his award, he will expand and improve the parking area … View >>

2009 Recipient: Nick Sagan

Nick Sagan High Mountain Nursery Expansion – Grant Award: $6,000 “The grant project infused a lot of new energy into the farm.  I always had the idea to do this, but never had the chance.” ~ Nick Sagan Nick has … View >>

2009 Recipient: Sam Silver

Sam Silver Potato Grading & Washing Line – Grant Award: $6,000 Sam grew 25 acres of tobacco until 2006, the 63rd year the crop has grown on the farm. He currently farms Christmas trees, cabbage and 17 acres of Yukon … View >>

2008 Recipient: Chad Calhoun

With the help of the grant, Chad Calhoun of Mitchell County is encouraging his family’s multi-generational tradition of farming to continue. He is establishing a U-Pick strawberry operation with the assistance of his two daughters, since they are interested in … View >>

2008 Recipient: Ronnie Sparks

Ronnie Sparks of Mitchell County is a lifetime farmer who has created a diverse operation of vegetables and boxwoods as he transitions from tobacco. With the grant, he is expanding his boxwood production. Ronnie anticipates 2008 to be his final … View >>

2006 Recipient: George Hughes

Tobacco grower George Hughes is growing a crop of Kennebec potatoes planted in a former tobacco field he transitioned with help from the WNC Ag Options Grant.   Mitchell County Contact the Local Extension Agent  

2006 Recipient: Sara Runkel

  Fruits/Veggies: Lettuce Sara Runkel’s commitment to local food systems continues to inspire her to farm full time in Mitchell County. The WNC Ag Options Grant has allowed Sara to extend the growing season of head lettuce and greens for … View >>

2005 Farm: Colby Calhoun

  Colby Calhoun has grown tobacco for fourteen years in addition to raising cattle, hogs and chickens. Mr. Calhoun works in the public school system and has noticed an increased demand for fresh farm produce in the schools. With the … View >>