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2005 Farm: Adrian Presnell

  Adrian Presnell is a full time farmer who has grown tobacco for over twenty years and is focused on keeping his family farm viable into the future. Mr. Presnell will diversify the farm enterprise by expanding his growing season … View >>

2005 Farm: The Austin Family

  The Austin family is the last remaining dairy operation in Yancey and Mitchell Counties. The dairy along with tobacco production has been the primary income source for this family. With the loss of tobacco income their challenge is to … View >>

2005 Farm: Boyd Stein

  Boyd Stein’s family has relied on income from tobacco production since the 1940’s. Mr. Stein has worked to diversify his income on the farm by investing in the commercial production of Christmas trees. Through the grant Mr. Stein will … View >>

2005 Farm: Burson’s Corner Farm

  Burson’s Corner Farm is owned and operated by Scott and Colleen Burson. The Burson’s farm serves the Atlanta and Asheville metropolitan areas with organic vegetable starts, flowers, herbs, nursery plants and handmade soaps and lotions. The diversified farm is … View >>

2005 Farm: Carl Patterson

  Carl Patterson and his wife Denise have raised tobacco for 30 years. Mr. Patterson is a full time farmer who is leading alternative enterprise development in our region. He is in his second year of investing in the start … View >>

2005 Farm: Colby Calhoun

  Colby Calhoun has grown tobacco for fourteen years in addition to raising cattle, hogs and chickens. Mr. Calhoun works in the public school system and has noticed an increased demand for fresh farm produce in the schools. With the … View >>

2005 Farm: David Bodford

  David Bodford is a part time farmer who has grown tobacco in the past along with variety of vegetables and Christmas trees. After experimenting and learning about the production of native shrubs and nursery plants with Harold Buchanan, a … View >>

2005 Farm: Dewain and Cathy Mackey

  Dewain and Cathy Mackey have grown tobacco for over 10 years. The Mackey family predicted the loss of tobacco income several years ago and decided to experiment with hydroponic lettuce production. The hydroponic lettuce is sold to the county … View >>

2005 Farm: Dickie Jarret

  Dickie Jarret has created a radiant heating system for the floor of his greenhouse to utilize the area below the bedding tables. Mr. Jarret will root native shrubs to sell in the winter months. With help from his local … View >>

2005 Farm: Dillingham

  The Dillingham family is the eighth generation to work the land and find solutions to create a living from the land. The whole family has invested in the new venture to produce wine grapes for the Biltmore Estate Winery. … View >>

2005 Farm: Doug Clawson

  Doug Clawson is a full time farmer who grew tobacco for 14 years on his family’s 75 year old farm. Mr. Clawson diversified his farm operation with cattle and Christmas tree production in the past decade. As opportunities in … View >>

2005 Farm: Fred Woodby

  Fred Woodby is a full time farmer who has grown tobacco for 35 years. Mr. Woodby has a number of diversified projects to generate income on his farm. In 2005 he will be opening a road side stand on … View >>

2005 Farm: Jerry Ellison

  Jerry Ellison is a part time farmer who has grown tobacco for 25 years and is looking for alternative income after the tobacco buy-out. Mr. Ellison is converting 1 acre of tobacco land into a commercial production for jack-o-lantern … View >>

2005 Farm: Jim Edwards

  Jim Edwards grew up raising tobacco with his father to help pay for expenses at home and for his college education. 2004 was the last year Mr. Edwards planned to grow tobacco due to the end of the price … View >>

2005 Farm: Karen Wilson

  Karen Wilson has raised tobacco along with a diversity of plants and animals to diversify the farm income. Mrs. Wilson has continued to carry on the family business, deeply rooted in a love for the land. Through the 2005 … View >>