Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2004 Farm: Alex and Nicole Dension

  Looking to expand apart from the individual and wholesale markets, agritoursim seemed the next logical step for the Denison’s trout farm. Having been asked repeatedly if they allow “fish-out” or for tours by both community members and the occasional … View >>

2004 Farm: Anthony Owens

  A. Owens has inherited his family’s apple orchard and has grown apples for the past 14 years. With the grant money Anthony will purchase organic chemicals, packing supplies and digital weather station to increase the production and quality of … View >>

2004 Farm: Beverly Whitehead

  Beverly and her husband have been farming since they were kids. In 2001 they helped to start the Smoky Mountain Native Plant Association and became cooperators in the Specialty Crops Program. This grant allowed them to expand the specialty … View >>

2004 Farm: Billy Bryant

  B. Bryant has grown approximately eight and half acres of tobacco for the past 7 years. Due to the declining demand of burley tobacco Bill Bryant is transitioning one acre of his land into commercial tomato production. Bryant will … View >>

2004 Farm: Bruce DeGroot

Yellow Branch Farm and has been drawing visitors for several years now. The dairy is pasture-based and milk from the herd is used for cheesemaking. Karen’s pottery studio is in the lower pasture. This grant allowed Yellow Branch to build … View >>

2004 Farm: Candice Rice

C. Rice has been farming for almost 30 years. She raised tobacco, cattle, chicken, turkeys and a variety of vegetables. Candice would like to continue to farm and is looking to diversify farm production. With the help of her extension … View >>

2004 Farm: Carl Patterson

  Carl is a full-time farmer who ordinarily raises produce to sell locally, tends bee-hives for honey, and since 1974, still farms burley tobacco. Searching for more stable commodities, Carl used his grant to assist in extensive field renovation and … View >>

2004 Farm: Danny McConnell

  The McConnell farm was started in the 1940’s and has raised tobacco, beef cattle, diary cattle, and apples. Now with the decline of farm income the McConnell farm is creating an agri-tourism farm. The farm sells both fruits and … View >>

2004 Farm: Dickie Jarret

  Dickie Jarret has created a radiant heating system for the floor of his greenhouse in addition to installing lights to extend his nursery’s growing season. With the help from his local NC Cooperative Extension agent Jerry Moody, in Avery … View >>

2004 Farm: Marvin & Brenda Dillingham

  The Dillingham’s are developing a new working relationship with Diane Ducharme, their local NC Cooperative Extension Agent in Buncombe County. The Dillingham family is transitioning from tobacco and beef cattle into producing grapes for growing market demands. Expected income … View >>

2004 Farm: Donald Miller

  D. Miller has grown tobacco since 1970 and is looking to diversify his income in the next 3 years by selling boxwoods. Donald used his grant to purchase boxwoods seedlings ready for the field in addition to fertilizer. Income … View >>

2004 Farm: Donald Smart

  D. Smart has grown up to 50 acres of tobacco in the past eight years. He is growing 2 acres of organic vegetables on his farm in 2004 and will use his 2,500 grant to cover start up expenses … View >>

2004 Farm: Elbert Roberts

  Elbert Roberts has been growing approximately 72 acres of tobacco since 1980. He is transitioning to organic vegetable production with the support of his local Extension agent and with support from this grant. Expected income from new vegetable production … View >>

2004 Farm: Frank Payne

Frank Payne is a member of the Watauga County Nurserymen’s Association and active participants in the county’s Choose-and-Cut industry. He has been working to develop more effective ways to market the “Choose-and-Cut Experience” to prospective clients from North Carolina and … View >>

2004 Farm: Glenda Ploeger

  G. Ploeger with her husband Robert started Cane Creek Asparagus Company to provide high quality vegetables to a niche market in their area. Through this grant program Cane Creek Asparagus Company has expanded production and marketing outreach. Expected income … View >>