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2011 Recipient: Steven Davis

Steven Davis Davis Farm Grant Award: $9,000 — Dairy Barn Steven is diversifying his meat and vegetable operations by adding dairy milking for 50 head of Holstein and Jersey cattle. He is installing a milking system that will handle 12 … View >>

2011 Recipient: Sue Mickey

Sue Mickey Appleberry Cove Farm and School Grant Award: $6,000 — Pure Dairy Goat Pet Milk Sue is expanding the production, processing, packaging and marketing of goat milk for pet food under North Carolina milk for pet food use guidelines. … View >>

2011 Recipient: Cassandra Lewis

Cassandra Lewis Hay Pritty Alpines/Crow Valley Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Dairy Goat Parlor Cassandra is equipping her four-acre dairy goat farm with a certified milking facility/parlor that will accommodate a milking herd of 10-30 dairy goats. With the addition … View >>

2011 Recipient: Frank Teneralli

Frank Teneralli Let It Grow Organic Gardens Grant Award: $3,000 — Blackberry Production to Diversify Farm Income Frank is adding a half an acre of blackberries to his vegetable and landscaping plants operation. In between the rows, he is planting … View >>

2011 Recipient: Mario & Michael DeLuca

Mario and Michael DeLuca DeMariano Vineyard Grant Award: $6,000 — Wine Production from Grapes The DeLucas are purchasing winery equipment and supplies to help realize the value-added income from production of their own wine. They are harvesting from one acre … View >>

2011 Recipient: Bao Yang

Bao Yang Mountain Spring Garden Grant Award: $6,000 — Bamboo Shoot Testing & Processing Approval Mountain Spring Garden is a unique U.S. producer of canned bamboo shoots. Bao is completing the necessary steps to bring the bamboo shoots to market: … View >>

2011 Recipient: Randy & Megan Smith

Randy and Megan Smith Smith’s Sweet Grass Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Pasture Poultry Expansion The Smiths are expanding their pasture poultry operation on their fourth-generation farm. With the addition of two pastured poultry pens, they will triple their proven … View >>

2011 Recipient: Mark Byrd

Mark Byrd Byrd Charolais Grant Award: $3,000 — Mobile Creep Feeder With the purchase of a three-ton Apache creep feeder, Mark expects an increase of as much as 100 lbs. per calf in a six-month growing season. The large holding … View >>

2011 Recipient: Mark Conley

Mark Conley Conley Ranch Grant Award: $3,000 — Diversifying to Hops Farming Mark is diversifying his small-scale cattle operation with 450 hop plants to supply area microbreweries and home brewers with a locally grown product to use in beer production. … View >>

2011 Recipient: Ronald & Cheryl Searcy

Ronald and Cheryl Searcy Wells Farm Grant Award: $6,000 — Livestock Treatment Facility The Searcys are improving their business of contract goat grazing by building a treatment facility for their animals. The building provides a safe area to examine livestock … View >>

2011 Recipient: Charles Church

Charles Church Watauga River Farms Grant Award: $3,000 — Vegetable Expansion Charles is improving his mixed vegetable operation with a new well, drip irrigation system and plastic mulch. By using plastic, he is saving labor with weed reduction. He currently … View >>

2011 Recipient: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Hattie Hill Vineyard Grant Award: $3,000 — Harvesting Equipment Robert is purchasing harvesting equipment that will greatly increase the efficiency of harvesting and transporting grapes. The equipment will be shared with up to 20 farmers in his region. … View >>

2011 Recipient: Jill Warwick Nicklaw

Jill Warwick Nicklaw Sunshine Cove Farm Grant Award: $3,000 — Microgreen Production Jill is building a greenhouse for her microgreen operation to accommodate the market demand. She is also expanding to include pea shoots, basil mixes, and petite fava shoots. … View >>