Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2009 Recipient: Rick Harty

Rick Harty Harty Farm Expansion Project – Grant Award: $6,000 “The grant allowed me to expand where otherwise wouldn’t have. We’ve been able to open several more fields.” ~ Rick Harty Rick has been developing his diversified farm since 2005. … View >>

2009 Recipient: Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes Parking, Irrigation, Storage Building & Plasticulture Improvements – Grant Award: $6,000 Tim has 4.5 acres of U-Pick berries, greasy beans and corn, which he established in 1986. With his award, he will expand and improve the parking area … View >>

2009 Recipient: Nick Sagan

Nick Sagan High Mountain Nursery Expansion – Grant Award: $6,000 “The grant project infused a lot of new energy into the farm.  I always had the idea to do this, but never had the chance.” ~ Nick Sagan Nick has … View >>

2009 Recipient: Sam Silver

Sam Silver Potato Grading & Washing Line – Grant Award: $6,000 Sam grew 25 acres of tobacco until 2006, the 63rd year the crop has grown on the farm. He currently farms Christmas trees, cabbage and 17 acres of Yukon … View >>

2009 Recipient: Rodney Booth

Rodney Booth Adawehi Sustainable Agriculture Growth & Expansion (SAGE) Project – Grant Award: $6,000 “This project is a start to us being an example for others in the agricultural community, showing different ways of generating revenue and creating jobs. This … View >>

2009 Recipient: Jim Frady

Jim Frady MaiLee’s Mountain Mushroom Expansion – Grant Award: $3,000 “This grant project has been a blessing, not only for me, but also for my kids and my business partners’ kids who have been out here working together as a … View >>

2009 Recipient: Mike Glover

Mike Glover Sleepy Hollow Farm Greenhouse – Grant Award: $3,000 “The grant allowed me to get the greenhouse to start plants earlier. The growing season here, especially for gourds, is limited. Sometimes 2-3 weeks really makes a difference. Growing the … View >>

2009 Recipient: Ernie Dollar

Ernie Dollar Organic Greenhouse Vegetables – Grant Award: $6,000 Ernie raised tobacco, beef cattle and hay from 1983 to 2008. With his award, he will set up a cold frame to grow and sell organic produce locally, a need in … View >>

2009 Recipient: Jeremy McCurry

Drip Irrigation for Strawberries – Grant Award: $3,000 “Because of the grant, I was able to buy this irrigation system — I couldn’t get started with out it. My plants died due to the late frost this year, and since … View >>

2009 Recipient: Ryan Wiebe

Ryan Wiebe Grant Award: $3,000 – Organic Greenhouse “I would not even be close to having the greenhouse without the grant. It’s given me the opportunity to make the farm more self-sufficient by growing my own plants — the foundation … View >>