Exclusively funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

2006 Recipient: J B Jones

Former tobacco grower JB Jones and his grandson, Barry Jones, are sustaining the family farm with help from the WNC Ag Options Grant. The Jones’ plan to propagate Fraser fir seedlings in a greenhouse setting — the only one of … View >>

2006 Recipient: Joe Brittain

The Brittain Family farm has been farmed for four generations. With the WNC Ag Options Grant, the Brittain’s will raise pastured heritage breed turkeys, and they will start prepping their land for organic blueberry production. The Brittain’s hope that this … View >>

2006 Recipient: Joe Worley

Former tobacco grower, Joe Worley, used the WNC Ag Options grant to increase his flock of registered Suffolk sheep. Joe hopes that his 14-year old son, Cody, will be able to continue to farm on family land in Haywood County. … View >>

2006 Recipient: Joel Mowrey

  Agri-Tourism Joel Mowrey was awarded the WNC Ag Options Grant to help him purchase and construct a 3,000 sq. ft. year-round greenhouse production space in Buncombe County. The Mowrey’s will use the greenhouse for the wholesale and retail production … View >>

2006 Recipient: John Leatherwood

Former tobacco grower in Haywood County, John Leatherwood has expanded tomato and pepper plant production. With the Ag Options grant, John constructed a wood-burning stove for radiant heat in his greenhouses that will significantly reduce fuel costs and help sustain … View >>

2006 Recipient: John McRae

Former tobacco growers, John and Marcella McRae, have used grant funding to renovate a pasture for grass-finished beef production in Graham County. Since the early 1800’s this pasture land has been in Marcella’s family and they hope to keep it … View >>

2006 Recipient: Justin Dillingham

Justin Dillingham is an 8th generation farmer. Rather than plant tobacco this year, Justin decided to use the WNC Ag Options grant to invest in Kathadin sheep in hopes that this new income opportunity will allow him to farm full-time … View >>

2006 Recipient: Kaleb Rathbone

Over the past few years, Kaleb Rathbone has been slowly transitioning out of tobacco and grown fruit and vegetable crops in Haywood County. With the WNC Ag Options Grant, Kaleb purchased a drip irrigation system for strawberry production.   Haywood … View >>

2006 Recipient: Kent Cochran

Former tobacco growers in Swain County, the Cochran Family used the WNC Ag Options Grant towards the construction of a larger greenhouse. The Cochran’s expanded their tomato crop to cover the acres where tobacco was formerly grown.   Swain County … View >>

2006 Recipient: Laurie Bruce

Livestock Laurie Bruce and her family have started raising Nubian dairy goats in Clay County. The Bruce family will soon be producing fresh dairy products in their cheese-making facility funded in part by the WNC Ag Options Grant.   Clay … View >>

2006 Recipient: Mitch Plemmons

  Crop Diversification Mitch Plemmons of Wildberry Farm in Buncombe County has continued to transition out of tobacco and expand into diversified vegetable production. With help from the WNC Ag Options Grant, Mitch expanded vegetable production and purchased honey bees … View >>