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2005 Farm: Kevin Duckett

  Kevin Duckett has been raising tobacco on his family’s land for eighteen years with this father and brother. Mr. Duckett has worked to diversify the farm income by raising cattle, hay and corn. He is now looking at raising … View >>

2005 Farm: Carl and Julie Mansfield

  Carl and Julie Mansfield are the proud owners of Mountain Harvest Organics. This young couple left the computer industry to create their dream of living on the farm. After studying the niche market opportunities available in the Asheville region … View >>

2005 Farm: Michael Garland

  Michael Garland has raised tobacco for 18 years along with goats and small fruits. Mr. Garland’s goal is to convert his farm into a family-owned and operated campground. After the tobacco buy-out in 2004, the Garlands are transitioning their … View >>

2005 Farm: Mitch Plemmons

  Mitch Plemmons is a young part time farmer who is expanding his vegetable sales into local restaurant businesses in the Asheville region. The next generation of farmers like Mr. Plemmons, are both marketing and business savvy. Mr. Plemmon’s demonstration … View >>

2005 Farm: Harold and Nancy Long

  Harold and Nancy Long are interested in learning and experimenting with the production of medicinal herbs. The Long’s have researched the increasing market demand for medicinal herbs in our country, and with the support of the 2005 WNC Ag … View >>

2005 Farm: Owen Spry

  Owen Spry has raised tobacco twenty-six years in addition to raising cattle, Christmas trees and hay. In order to diversify his farm income Mr. Spry has planted small fruits and vegetables to sell along the major highway that runs … View >>

2005 Farm: Pete Dixon

  Pete Dixon has been a full time farmer for 12 years. He and his family have a diverse mix of vegetables and berries that they sell at tailgate markets. Mr. Dixon is a progressive problem solver who has researched … View >>

2005 Farm: Richard Reece

  Richard Reece is a full time farmer who grew up raising tobacco and cattle. Richard is raising high quality heirloom tomatoes along with his commercial tomato production to diversify his income and support local markets. With support from the … View >>

2005 Farm: Skipper Russell

Skipper Russell has grown tobacco for 28 years and is now looking to transition from tobacco to bell peppers. In order to transition farm operations, Mr. Russell will need sticks, a plant setter, sprayer, and irrigation station. With the financial … View >>

2005 Farm: Stevie Roberts

  Stevie Roberts and his wife Kay have been tobacco farmers for 42 years. The family has used the tobacco income to pay for the land and raise their three children. In looking for alternative agricultural businesses ventures to replace … View >>

2005 Farm: Thomas Ruff

  Thomas Ruff and his wife Jamie have raised tobacco to support their family and pay for the family farm. This young family is working to transition from the lose of tobacco income by planting vegetables and small fruit trees … View >>

2005 Farm: Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes is a full time farmer following in his father’s footsteps by working the land for a living. Mr. Hughes project demonstrates creative agricultural business solutions with the production of strawberries and raspberries. With the support of the 2005 … View >>