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2022 Counties

Click any county for details, or use these links: Avery (3) :: Buncombe (8) :: Burke (1) :: Caldwell (1) Cleveland (1) :: Graham (1) :: Haywood (3) :: Henderson (3) Jackson (1) :: Macon (2) :: Madison (4) :: … View >>

2022 County: Avery

– Cartner Christmas Trees, Samuel Cartner, Cartner’s Wild-Simulated Medicinal Ginseng Production Test
– Ollis Farms, Elaine Ollis, Feedlot Facility
– Stines Farm, Justin Stines, Improvements to Cattle Handling Facility … View >>

2022 County: Buncombe

– The Never Ending Flower Farm, Loretta Ball, Bathroom and Farm Store
– Mountain Meadows Nursery, Michael Balogh, Nursery Expansion
– Black Trumpet Farm, Gwendolyn Casebeer, Mushroom Production
– Flourish Flower Farm, Nicolette Irving, Farm Stand
– Burley Stick Farm, Morgan Metcalf, Walk-In Freezer and Packing Facility
– Blazing Star Flowers, Suzanne Nolter, Multi-Use Canopy Structure
– Pinnacle View Farm, Andrew Rogers, Fence Line Feeding System
– Hawks Next Farm, Gerald Strickland, Cattle Handling Equipment … View >>

2022 County: Haywood

– Two Trees Farm/Sustainabillies LLC, Sara Martin and Dustin Cornelison, Welcoming Back the Public to Two Trees Farm
– Cold Mountain Angus Beef, Lucas Sorrells, Portable Chute and Working Facility
– Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa, Catherine Topel, Mobile Food Unit Trailer … View >>

2022 County: Henderson

– Raspberry Fields, Stacy Fields, Kitchen
– Jeter Mountain Farm LLC, Tyler Hunsader, Canner for Hard/Carbonated Cider Operation
– Bee-utiful Farm and Garden, Gary and Abigail Steiner, Greenhouse Upgrade and Expansion … View >>

2022 County: Macon

– Deal Family Farm, Charles “Butch” and Pat Deal, High Pressure Boom-Type Sprayer for Vegetables & Fruit
– Great Blue Farms, LLC, Regina McCord, Seed to Bloom to Bouquet … View >>

2022 County: Madison

– Greenshine Farms, Rand Gifford, Operation 10x
– Our Friendly Allies, Kelsey Green, The Processing Facility Project
– Blue Winter Farm, Sharon Marler and Christopher Scott Brazil, Farm Diversification and Upgrades
– The Farm Connection, LLC, Alyson Wade, Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Gardens, Video Marketing, and Risk Mitigation … View >>

2022 County: Rutherford

– Seven Oaks Farm, Erica Fernback and Karl Brandstaetter, Caterpillar Tunnels for Increased Vegetable Production
– Moss & Thistle Farm, Sarah Lasswell, WNC Grown Willow for Sustainable Caskets … View >>