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2006 Program Background

In cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Handmade in America, and other Cooperative Extension offices, we were successful in obtaining grant funds for 2006 to address issues related to the development of Agritourism and crop diversification in 16 … View >>

2006 Topic: Crop

Crop Diversification Kevin Welch; Container Garden — GO >> Amy Chambers; Greenhouse — GO >> Rickey Postell; Christmas Trees — GO >> Mitch Plemmons: Wildberry Farms; Honey and Vegetables — GO >> Scott Paquin; Organics — GO >> Craig Edwards; … View >>

2006 Topic: Tourism

Agri-Tourism Tom Hare, Judith Hansen Briar Rose Farm: Berries and Tourism — GO >> Diane Cornett Deal Cornett Deal Christmas Tree Farm: Christmas Trees — GO >> Robert Reece: Christmas Trees and Pumpkins — GO >> Amy Ager Hickory Nut … View >>