Tex Teixeira, Nowhere Branch Farm

Vermiculture Project
Grant Award: $8,000

Tex will set up a vermicompost (a process that uses earthworms and microorganisms to create a valuable soil amendment) system to process manure generated from his herd of beef cattle.

He has already constructed a 4′ x 16′ continuous flow through (CFT) worm bin and will use his grant to have the unit powder coated to protect it from the constant moisture of the feedstock. He will also purchase a 100-gallon compost tea brewer, sifter, and 64 pounds of composting worms.

To house the equipment and the feedstock he will renovate an existing goat barn. Once his system is established, Tex will be able to harvest 320 pounds of vermicompost each week which he will use to make compost tea for application to his pasture and orchard. The tea uses minimal compost and is easy to apply with a backpack sprayer or 3-point hitch sprayer.

The compost tea will inoculate the soil with beneficial microorganisms which, when in a symbiotic relationship with plants, will increase productivity. Tex also plans to sell vermicompost and worms and has already identified several commercial customers in the area.


Madison County

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