Ray & Carol Maxwell, Bee Sweet Bee Farm

Honey House Improvements
Grant Award: $8,000

Ray and Carol plan to upfit an existing building on their property that is currently used for honey bottling, into a dedicated certified home kitchen that will allow them to offer additional product lines their customers regularly request  –  creamed honey, infused honey, local pollen, and mead.

The building will include a storage area for bulk honey, empty bottles, and supplies, as well as a workspace for bottling, labeling, and wax processing, in addition to space for retail sales. It will also have a space for an agritourism classroom where they will host hive tours, camps, and field days.

They will use their grant to replace the carpet in the building with a waterproof material that can be mopped. To upfit the building with the kitchen, retail space, and classroom, they will purchase a cooler, dishwasher, shelving, tables and chairs, and a set of bee suits.


Cleveland County

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