Neal Grogan, Grogan Livestock

Multipurpose Shed for Beef Cattle Operation
Grant Award: $8,000

Neal will be adding a much needed multipurpose shed to his farming operation. A large 12′ x 24′ free standing gable roof shed will be constructed adjacent to Neal’s hay fields.

The shed will serve as a practical solution for multiple challenges on the farm. The location of the shed will minimize transport of forage to a weatherproof area and will serve as protected hay storage, which will improve the quality of his hay. Maintaining feed quality will result in net returns over time by improving livestock performance.

Having additional storage space for times of high production will also allow Neal to sell extra hay, which is in high demand in Buncombe and surrounding counties.

A traditional cattle (and tobacco) farmer since 1980, Neal follows Best Management Practices and continues to seek solutions to maintain efficiency, conserve existing resources and help maintain the overall profitability of his operation. An active member of the agriculture community in Leicester, Neal sells his cattle exclusively at the WNC Regional Livestock Center and plans to hand his legacy family farm to the next generation.


Buncombe County

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