Michael RiCharde, Good Wheel Farm

Poultry Processing & Packing Shed
Grant Award: $8,000

After several years of production and steady growth, Michael is going to scale up his poultry production with a dedicated processing facility. His current operation requires him to make trips back and forth between the temporary processing area and his home kitchen to sanitize equipment and package and store meat.

Michael will use his grant to construct a 22′ x 30′ covered area with a concrete pad that will house new processing equipment such as a stainless steel sink and tables, and a vacuum sealer. It will also have room for his walk-in cooler.

The addition of the processing facility will create efficiency by eliminating most of the set up and break down time he currently spends. It will also enable him to increase the quantity and quality of the poultry he sells.

Having a dedicated facility with all of the equipment at hand will enable him to hire and train employees, which is key to the long term success and financial viability of his farm business.


Buncombe County

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