Lyric Antio & Noah Poulos, Wild East Farm

On-site Poultry Processing Facility Improvement
Grant Award: $8,000

With increasing demand for their poultry products, Wild East plans to double production in 2024 from 2,000 to 4,000 birds, more than doubling their gross income from 2023.

They will further scale up to their capacity of 6,000 birds in 2025 producing a growth in income of $150,000. To achieve this growth they will improve their on-farm poultry processing facility with higher capacity, higher quality equipment that will allow them to efficiently process more birds.

Lyric and Noah will use their grant to purchase a larger scalder and plucker, a commercial scale/label maker, a meat cutting bandsaw, a higher capacity commercial vacuum sealer, an additional evisceration table, and install a concrete pad with drainage.

The new equipment will drastically reduce time and cut labor costs by over 50%, contributing to an economy of scale that will support the sustainability of their farm business.


McDowell County

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