Joseph Smart, Smart’s Farm

Cattle Feeder Wagons
Grant Award: $8,000

Having recently diversified his vegetable and tobacco operation with the addition of beef cattle, Joseph will be purchasing two 18-foot feed wagons. The feed wagons will be an important part of his cattle operation, allowing Joseph to keep feed available to cattle for 3-4 days at a time without having to refill every day (a two hour chore).

One wagon will be used to feed 35 cows and the other will be used to feed 33-35 calves in a separate feedlot. With this new efficiency, Joseph will save time, labor and money. He will also be able to increase his herd size and easily take care of them, all while looking after his vegetable and tobacco projects.

Joseph is a young farmer, and along with his uncle, is one of only two commercial tobacco farmers in Haywood County. Joseph sells his cattle at the WNC Regional Livestock Center, markets his vegetables at tailgate markets, flea markets, and at the WNC Farmers Market ,and contracts with BAT for tobacco sales.


Haywood County

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