Jessica Wehr, Wehrloom Honey

Wehrloom Honey Soda Expansion
Grant Award: $8,000

To capture more of her local and regional market, Jessica plans to add soda to her popular lineup of honey products which includes honey, skincare products, beeswax candles, and mead.

Jessica will use her grant to pay for equipment needed to produce and can the soda, including a pasteurization unit, sterilization unit, carbonation testing unit, and cans. She will also pay for printed marketing materials.

The addition of soda production fits nicely with her existing mead operation and requires less honey to produce. Adding value through the production of soda will enable her to triple her price per pound of honey.

This grant builds on Wehrloom Honey’s previous AgOptions grants (in 2015 and 2017), which were used to strengthen their successful value-added honey product operation.


Graham County

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