Jason McCarson & Cheryl McCraw, J & M Orchards at Freeman Farms, LLC

Bakery Addition
Grant Award: $8,000

Jason and Cheryl farm on a 120 acre apple orchard. The orchard contains over 50 varieties, including 20 heirloom varieties.

Since establishing their retail roadside market, Jason and Cheryl have experienced an overwhelming demand for apple baked goods. Many of their competitors offer baked goods in addition to fresh apples and in order to meet the demand, they started to carry apple cider donuts produced at other farms.

Jason and Cheryl have decided to add a bakery to their operation, which will enable them to produce their own value-added apple products, including donuts and heirloom apple pies. They will be able to offer baked goods daily and year-round instead of on a seasonal basis. By using imperfect apples for their bakery products, they will reduce their cull waste and increase profit.

Jason and Cheryl will use their grant to purchase a commercial mixer, shortening melter, donut fryer, three-compartment sink, and stainless steel prep tables.


Henderson County

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