Hassena Kassim, May’s Menagerie, LLC

House of Huevos – Laying Hen Expansion
Grant Award: $8,000

Hassena will use her grant to construct a new 10′ x 24′ chicken coop in order to expand her flock of laying chickens from 50 to 100 hens. The size and layout of the new coop will be compliant with animal welfare approved (AWA) standards and will support her goal of becoming AWA-certified in 2026.

The design of the coop will include a 6′ x 10′ feed room and nesting boxes, feed stations, and waterers that are all accessible without having to enter the coop area. The coop will feature roosts that can be folded up to enable cleaning.

The new set up will allow Hasssena to double her flock size while simultaneously reducing labor by 50%. She will be able to supply her current wholesale customer and also expand to retail direct to consumer sales, which will yield more income.


Madison County

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