George Moffitt, Patch Work Farms

Establishing Patch Work Farms
Grant Award: $8,000

Fourth-generation farmer George Moffitt has worked on his family farm for his entire life, being a part of its success as one of the county’s major vegetable producers.

After having farmed on leased land for a number of years, George has purchased a twelve acre farm and will be starting Patch Work Farm to grow 1 ½ acres of tomatoes and potatoes. The grant will pay for infrastructure upgrades, inputs, seeds/plants, fencing, well/pump installation, and grading and gravel to establish this operation.

Being located adjacent to the family farm, he will be able to maximize efficiencies in sharing equipment and resources. Given his experience and reputation, George has secured a commitment from TRACTOR Food & Farms, which will be his main customer, to purchase his produce. He also plans to find additional wholesale accounts in the future and will continue to sell direct to customers.


Mitchell County

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