Fred Crawford, Dogwood Farm of Whittier, LLC

Dogwood Farm Infrastructure Improvement
Grant Award: $8,000

Lack of infrastructure at the farm buildings at Dogwood Farm is limiting productivity and creating inefficiency. Since the honey house does not have electricity or water, production time is limited to daylight hours and moderate temperatures.

Honey is processed using a hand-cranked 9-frame stainless steel extractor that is designed to allow an electric motor to be added to replace the hand crank. Water for cleanup is currently carried from the well, with limited amounts of warm water brought from the house.

Fred proposes to make several infrastructure improvements that will dramatically increase efficiency and productivity: he will pay to have electric and water lines installed that will supply the honey house and adjacent chicken coop; he will pay to have the honey house and coop wired, which will enable him to heat and cool for honey bottling and will enable him to use fans and incubators in the chicken coop; he will also purchase a tankless water heater which will improve cleanup after honey extraction; and he will buy a motor for the honey extractor.

Fred estimates the infrastructure upgrades will reduce honey processing time by half and allow him to double his production in the first year.

Fred plans to share the use of his honey house with Mountain Discovery Charter School, which has an apiary, as well as members of the Smoky Mountain Beekeepers Association who do not have extractors or a facility for bottling their honey.


Swain County

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