Emily Driskill, Tanager Plants LLC

Nursery Infrastructure Expansion
Grant Award: $8,000

Emily will use her grant for two major expansion projects on the farm. Emily will pay for labor to construct a  12′ x 20′ propagation greenhouse kit that she already has on hand and install a mister system. The ability to produce her own plants will help her vertically integrate for her own production and also sell starter plants to other nurseries, which will be a new market for her. She estimates the propagation house will generate over $60,000 of revenue in its first year.

She will also upgrade her existing irrigation system. Since Emily aims to keep her nursery practices organic-approved, she is not able to rely on the plastic-coated slow-release fertilizer pills that most nurseries use. Instead, she currently has to treat each block of plants individually with a hose-end sprayer.

To increase efficiency and maintain her organic practices she will purchase and install a Dosatron, which is an injector that measures and injects liquid nutrient concentrates into the irrigation system. She will also bury an additional 175 linear feet of the main water line and add risers and hydrants along the span. She will also install an electronic control box and valves that allow the irrigation systems to be fully programmable, leading to less expense from use of the Mars Hill municipal water system.

Emily’s project will enable her to produce more plants while using less labor hours and will help her deliver high quality plant stock as a finished product.


Madison County

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