Devin Gentry & Lindsay Green, Bee. honey + hive

Honey Bottling Tanks for Increased Capacity
Grant Award: $8,000

Bee. honey + hive will be upgrading their honey storage and bottling system to handle their current honey inventory and future growth in production by adding two 84 gallon/1,000 pound water-jacketed, stainless steel tanks outfitted with temperature gauges and high-flow, no-drip valves. This addition will allow for greater bottling efficiency and the ability to meet growing customer demand.

They have spent the past few years increasing the number of colonies and increasing honey production. In order to bring this increased volume to market in a profitable manner, these upgrades are a crucial part of their plan to remain a long-term economically viable operation.

These tanks will become an integral part of their operation for years to come. Bee. honey + hive currently sells at the Transylvania Farmers Market and at festivals, special events and curated maker’s markets, especially during the winter holidays.


Transylvania County

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