Clint Cabe, Clint Cabe Farm

Corn Storage and Processing
Grant Award: $8,000

Clint sells field corn directly to consumers, primarily for wildlife. Without any way to store the corn he grows, he is encountering a bottleneck in his production.

Currently Clint harvests a weeks’ worth of corn at a time, transports in bulk containers, bags by hand from a 5-gallon bucket, and sews the bag closed. He repeats this process until his harvest is complete.

Being able to harvest all at once when the weather is good will allow him to bag the corn as he has time. Being able to store corn will allow him to have product on hand and extend his sales season, getting a higher price for corn when others have run out.

Clint plans to buy a 10-ton storage bin, auger system, and mechanical bagger. This equipment will allow him to bag more corn faster without any additional labor, which will help him increase his corn acreage from the 10 he currently grows to 50 acres in the next two years.


Macon County

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