Charles & Mary Elizabeth McCurdy, Brentwood Farm

Brentwood Farm Store Freezers & Cooler
Grant Award: $8,000

Brentwood Farm is located in a rural area 15 miles from the closest grocery store in Forest City. They have neighbors and customers that want to shop and buy local food products and to fill this gap, Brentwood will open a new farm store in 2024 where they will sell pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs produced from their farm.

They will also carry products from others in the community including seasonal produce, baked goods, dairy products, cooking essentials, and locally made skin care products. Their grant will be used to purchase two display freezers and two display refrigerators.

The retail storefront will give them a consistent, local market for their products, supplementing their current main income from selling every Saturday at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. The increase in revenue will allow them to increase production.


Rutherford County

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