Carroll Bartlett, Bartlett Farms

Fence Line Feeding System
Grant Award: $8,000

Bartlett Farms will use their grant to install a fence line feeding system to streamline feeding on their combined 105-acre beef and commercial hay farm, which will improve feed and add cost efficiencies to their operations. The system will include a series of concrete J-bunks, fence line feeding panels, a fence-line hay feeding pad and a small commodity shed to store feed/silage/brewers grain.

The new system will help lower costs on their farm by reducing hay loss, improving feed efficiency and increasing the ability to feed cheaper sources, such as silage and brewers grain. It will also improve cattle performance by reducing stress at feed times, resulting in lower healthcare costs and increased profits. Additionally, streamlining the feeding process will result in reduced labor costs by improving efficiencies with time/energy/fuel.

Like many former tobacco growers, the Barletts rely on cattle to supplement income and to secure a viable farming operation to pass down to the next generation.


Buncombe County

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