Brian Upchurch, Carolina Truffieres, LLC

Improved Truffle Yield through Equipment Adaptation
Grant Award: $8,000

Carolina Truffiéres is the largest productive truffle orchard in North America. Orchard management requires a cover crop between trees and specialized equipment to cultivate around the trees.

Current equipment does not allow for proper cultivation and is very inefficient in maintaining the cover crop. To alleviate these problems, Brian plans to buy a larger, 70hp tractor equipped with turf tires to minimize detrimental soil compaction.

Having this equipment will allow him to mow more efficiently with fewer passes, saving on labor and fuel costs. It will benefit productivity of the truffles and the hazelnut and chestnut co-crops.

The larger tractor will also be used for subsoiling and land prep for additional acreage of production.


Henderson County

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