Brian Tingley, Seven Seeds Farm

Improved Soil & Increased Production with BCS Walk-Behind Tractor
Grant Award: $8,000

Seven Seeds Farm is an intensively cropped and organically grown 1-acre market garden. Their current operation relies on the use of a BCS walk-behind tractor and several attachments, which they lease.

This equipment is inadequate and requires hand tools and manual labor to finish preparing the seed beds. Since this equipment will no longer be available at the termination of the lease, Seven Seeds needs to replace it to continue production.

Brian will purchase a 749 BCS walk-behind tractor, a 30″ Roller Blade Flail Mower, and a 30″ Rear Tine Tiller with a 30″ Precision Depth Roller.

These tools will help increase the speed of bed preparation and increase the amount of organic matter by incorporating more crop residue into the soil. It will significantly increase their production by improving the soil and allowing them to replant their beds with little to no manual labor. It will also optimize their hired labor by having more beds ready to plant on their weekly planting days.


Yancey County

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