Bob Shipley, Shipley Farms, LLC

Shipley Farm Livestock Handling Equipment
Grant Award: $8,000

Shipley Farms produces pasture-raised beef and sells direct to consumers, restaurants and food service companies. A 2022 AgOptions grant supported the construction of a new pole barn which became their cattle handling facility. Their decades-old handling equipment does not support the efficiency and low stress handling they need for their livestock operation.

This year Shipley Farms will buy a new 10’ radius sweep tub, six 6’ x 10’ long alleyway panels, a slide gate, a foundation for the impact area, and labor for installation. The new equipment will benefit the operation through providing low stress for the animals and safety and efficiency for workers, ultimately saving on labor costs and injuries to people and animals.

Since Shipley Farms has positioned their brand and historic farm to have an increasingly high visibility, assembling and implementing a total package of best management practices will add to their value proposition. The equipment will have the prescribed attributes championed by legendary professor and livestock behavior specialist, Temple Grandin.

The new equipment will help them implement both the practice and teaching of best practices in animal handling techniques through hosting other farmers and agritourism experiences.


Watauga County

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