Aaron & Rebekah Travis, Sugar Hollow Farm

Cooling for Growth: Enhancing Sustainability at Sugar Hollow Farm
Grant Award: $8,000

Sugar Hollow is experiencing a surge in demand for their sustainably-raised meat and eggs. However, their current storage limitations have hindered their ability to keep up with the demand.

Most of their product is stored in shared space at the Madison County Extension Center and the cooling equipment there no longer accommodates their growing needs. They do not have the freezer space for whole animals or more eggs and they have had to donate or throw away over $1,500 in meat this year due to the inability to plan for storage space in the shared area.

Aaron & Rebekah will buy a used refrigerator and freezer unit and pay for an electrical connection. They will also pay an AC technician to perform any necessary repairs and install the unit. Having this equipment on site will eliminate the 40 minute six times per week drive to the extension center (and associated fuel for travel) to store their product. It will also eliminate the uncertainty associated with the shared storage space, thus reducing loss of product.

The new units will ensure they can consistently meet their customer demands while also expanding to reach more local markets.


Madison County

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